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Our Story

As research around Cancer is conducted, we also realize that life has, over the last few years, given us some insight into the lives of many Breast Cancer survivors as well as their supporters. As a form of giving back, and providing some support to those living with and surviving from a battle with Breast Cancer, I have decided to join the awareness battle.
To live the Pink Life....​

Pink Me Life,Inc. is my contribution of support, awareness, education, expression and celebration, for the lives of everyone who has been or will be touched by the pink way of life. I could never see life through the eyes of a survivor, nor will I ever fully understand what it feels like to walk In their shoes. What I can do, is to help provide an additional sense of support to as many people as I possibly can, around this beautiful world in which we live. I can only strive to be as strong, in my life, as the millions of  pink me lifers that I intend to reach.

Pink (breast cancer), Me (whoever you are), Life (your life).
Terrence Downing,
Founder of Pink Me Life, Inc.

Pink Me Life, Inc. is a community based organization that provides health education and disease awareness around Breast Cancer and the process for taking care of someone recently diagnosed with it, living with it, dying from it, or in remission. The organization is committed to providing both men and women with programs and services that concentrate on prevention, care, and treatment. The organization’s support has come from private donations from individuals who are concerned about women and men impacted by Breast Cancer in the West Palm Beach Metropolitan Area and the State of Florida. 100% of the organization’s time will be committed to providing education, training, outreach and supportive programs and services centered on Breast Cancer. The organization will seek to establish partnerships and relationships with organizations and groups that focus on Breast Cancer for women and men.​

Our primary purpose is to provide support and care for those living with Breast Cancer and need to know the steps to take after initial diagnosis. Through our multiple fundraising efforts, we will provide minimal support to those affected and directly impacted by Breast Cancer through an application process to be developed by the Board of Directors. Family members of those living with or impacted by Breast Cancer may have the need for food, clothes, and support services, up to and including developing a program that provides a thorough understanding on cancer treatment. Our organization will partner with local schools, colleges / universities, faith based organizations, community centers, and other agencies and organizations whose mission and purposes are similar to Pink Me Life, Inc.

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